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The Unique Island

Posted by athifibrahim on February 22, 2009

We grown hale and hearty with sensation of wonderful ambiance and conceited society, were the spectacular island itself presenting anfile1191 amazing contributions and enchantment for its loving people and specifically visitors are been venerable for its magnificence and unique environment. The island is geographically and biologically well-heeled and offering wonderful benefits to the peoples from its abounding soil down with the prosperity of splendor. More than 60 percent of the land area belongs to muddy places, were different kinds of vegetables and fruits are growing effectively and the two fresh water lakes in the middle of the island endow more pleasant appearance and absorption for its exclusive environment. It is the only island in the Maldives as an atoll in the mid dark sea secluded from any close by island. It is one of the biggest island in the Maldives were more than 10000 peoples of the island living only 20 percent of the total land area and the rest are covered with various kinds of huge trees. The physical structure of the island is excessively unique in its fascinating scenery and the beautiful seashore around the island, which makes even greater outlook. And also the luster sandy beach “Thundi” which is renowned for its exclusive elegance and attractiveness, which is an individualistic kind in Maldives and been a greatest asset particularly for its people. It is inaccessible to find the similar type sand anywhere in Maldives, as it is completely atypical compare to the sands elsewhere in Maldives.

The shore areas are bursting with huge palm trees other than the inner recesses contains assorted varieties of fruits specially mango, banana and papaya ETC are distinctively leading compare to other islands of the Maldives. The conventional farm workers are executing to develop agricultural products and have now escalated broadly, as the result peoples are getting sufficient vegetables and fruits for their daily consumption. The island is also conspicuously succeeding of growing watermelon and providing an adequate amount of watermelon to the peoples as well to its neighbor islands during the Ramazan period. It is subsisting operational days when the ramazan is ahead, the entire farmers and other serving peoples are gladly working in this fundamental exertion. For the holey month Ramazan peoples are also intending to grow additional varieties of fruits and vegetables in mass measure so that it is available sufficiently from their home soil.

The instinctive magnificence of the island also stimulates enormously because of the two fresh water lakes in the middle of the island, which also presenting a superior assessment and greater attribution for its classic nature. It is known that the two lakes were a saltwater lagoon next to the island, according to the structural changes of the island, the land area around the lagoon enclosed and change to fresh water lake.

The unusual and extraordinary scenery of the isle is also described by the miraculous changes of the seashore which results to form two different salt water lagoons covered by sandy beaches in the edge of the island. The two lagoons in the two ending of the island renowned in the name of bissaveli and kalho akiri gado are completely atypical and uncharacterized by each other for its pattern and attractiveness. Bissaveli is the result of the shifting structure in the immense white beaches around the island which turn out to be different types of lagoons in separate areas of the beach. Mainly there are three idiosyncratic form of lagoon and every so often some big reef fishes like island travelly and octopus live to tell the tale as it is deep enough for them to have a reliable environment.

However the Kalhu akiri kado is quite an extraordinary because that specific part of the seashore completely poles apart from the seashores elsewhere in Maldives which is the typed black corals with smooth and glossy covered in identical disk shape. The corals are assembled in an astounding character and provide an amazing outlook specially the time when the sun is falling in to the sea.

The variation of the seashore also describes from the huge outer reef around the island which is destined to protect the island from huge waves rippling around the seashore. Since there is no shallow external reef or any closed by island, there are huge waves rippling the huge reefs around the island. These strong and large reefs around the island help to protect the island from the horrendous large waves and the island it self moderately safe because the land area higher from the sea level compare to the other islands of Maldives.

There are many ancient obsessions in the island, which disclose the antiquity and archeological discoveries of the island. These historical structures of the island are been protected so that it all remains for future prospect since they are distinguished prehistoric values of the country. The derivation of these came from years and years back when Buddhist people lived in the island. There are temples and other representational things, which belong to Buddhist culture such as Havitha, Vashoveu, and also there are some prehistoric mosques and sheds, which signify the outstanding ability and the greater efforts of the people who lived in the island.


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