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Hello world!

Posted by athifibrahim on February 21, 2009

Here I present you a few expressions of me that clarify how I feel about life, and how it approaches our existence. Mydsc09310 good hope is you to consider this so that you will comprehend more these issues in life. Every human have their own way of considering the issues that they face in their life. Some are admirably taking into deliberation about their accomplishments and try to prove their success and dignity. Somehow some are ineffectively challenging and wasting their time faith and sincerity on very unsuccessful effort. But most comprehensive intention will be to take priority concern on preventing their existence on behalf of any devastation or harm but to make their consideration in terms of wanting and finding the way of progression. In fact everyone is not identical on his or her sense and observation. Their most fancy elements and non fancy elements have equivalent consistency and classification in terms of nature assessments.              Nature plays an ultimate role in the direction of our existence. Moreover some uninvited things are happening along with the nature which sometimes ease someone but harm others, sometimes wider threats for many human being and other creatures. As a result of these changes sometimes our expectation will be higher than ever and sometimes those expectations will turn in to threat and overwhelming constant drama, which keeps no faith, no hope, and no desire on mind, but suffers extreme anxiety and doomed to failure ever after. This world is round every hour, every day. What we face and what we see are changing with every split second. What we think and what we believe could not be sensible and reasonable tomorrow. Somehow if someone has courageous in his or her ability and expectation, he may perhaps, will find succession one way or another.                 But if someone considers or supposes that it is however dedicated within the life temperament or dedicated by god, than it will be optimistic for him or her to stay till or unless given by god. Coz, there are people who still believe unless any of their profound effort god will provide everything for their survival. Life itself is an inspection or evaluation which is judge and assessed by god, to escalate people’s faith and conviction and reform courageous on their work in terms of wanting and finding. Tomorrow is not the same as today. Hence today is a lesson for our tomorrow. Life is itself a tragedy, but it will change if work hard for our life and to well consider for our tomorrow. Nature provides many things for our liking and disliking. With the helps of today’s lesson we can fight for our tomorrow.              If anyone considers these issues that we face in life, he or she will comprehend the significance of life and will understand that this world is not only for those who are sacrificed, but those who are fighting for progression and evolution on their work.I believe good things every body else believe and do good things every body else do. I believe the world of nature and believe it has sacrifice and victory. I want fortunate things to happen to my life. Hence I also sacrifice what it makes me to and work hard for the victory when it is necessary. I still take care of my feelings even if I face any tragedy.


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